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The Keys To Life Coaching Websites That Attract Clients

A professional website is important for life coaches, health and fitness coaches, career coaches, wellness coaches, or marketing consultants looking for clients. A good, effective, professional website builds a potential client’s trust. Life coaching websites can be intimidating and complicated when life coaches are starting out. It is overwhelming to know exactly what to include on the website and where to start. However, several things can be done to make the process easier. In this article, I will include tips and keys to life coaching websites attracting clients.

The Keys to Life Coaching Websites That Attract Clients

Domain Name:

The best domain name for a coaching business website is one that sounds professional and is easy to remember. But finding a domain name that reflects your business is difficult. The first step a life coach can take to find the best domain name for the website is to check if their own name is available on sites like Google Domains and GoDaddy.

What if the Domain Name You Want is Taken?

In that case, one of the options for you is to consider different extensions such as .co, .org, .net, .info, .biz, etc. However, using a different extension from .com will be challenging when your preferred domain name is already taken with .com. Also, check if that person belongs to a similar field and industry. If he/she is from the same field, using a different domain name is better.

How to Find the Best Domain Name?

Domain Name Generator:

One of the best ways to find a domain name that reflects your personal brand and business is by brainstorming while keeping what you do in mind. You can think about what qualities make you different from others and what kind of products or services you offer. Make a list of words and names and play around with them to see if they work together. You can get help from a domain name generator to develop some good names for life coaching websites. A domain name generator certainly opens your eyes to creativity and new ideas.

Get Help From Friends:

It is time to use the abilities of that one friend who is great at naming things. Communicate with them about your ideas and see what names he comes up with. They may come up with the name that hits the right message and tone you want for your coaching business.

Check if the domain name you have come up with is available on GoDaddy and Google Domains. 

Look and Feel of the Website

Simply put, ensure the design and feel of your website match the type of coaching you provide. Also, the branding across your site should match your social media profile, making it easier for people to find you on different platforms.

Regardless of what type of coaching you offer, it is important that you make sure your coaching business website design matches and clearly declares who are your ideal clients. For example, suppose your ideal client expects a more traditional coaching business from a graduate of Harvard Business School. In that case, he will be disappointed if your coaching website design looks outdated and unprofessional. Provide your website visitors with what they want to see. Web designers can help you achieve a professional and up-to-date look on your coaching website.

Visual Branding

It goes without saying that your life coaching website should be aesthetically pleasing to your ideal clients. It should have a clean website layout with easy navigation for your website visitor. If you are DIYing your life coaching website, you should remember that less is more and that your landing page should not be attacking the visitors with content. Avoid cramping elements together. Give padding between sections.

Make sure you check out the top life coaching websites that you found attractive and that made a good impression on you. As you will look at different websites, you will see what good coaching websites look like.

The key is to keep your life coaching website simple. As you continue with your business, you will be clearer about who you are and how you can help your clients. This will help you represent yourself better. You can develop and improve your branding as your business grows. Don’t let yourself be hindered by getting a perfect font, logo, and color for your coaching website at the starting stage.

Personal Branding

Websites of consultants and life coaches are reflections of themselves which are recommended by marketing strategists since it creates a deeper, personal connection with the visitors across your social media channels and coaching website. This personal connection with the visitors will turn them into coaching clients. Be clear about who your ideal clients are and what you are offering them. You can look at other coaching websites for inspiration. See what commonality they have and draw on these ideas. You can refine the look and feel of your coaching site over time.

Determine Your Target Audience

The most important element to understand is who your ideal client is and how to market to attract their attention. Visualize a virtual or real space filled with life coaching clients you want to work with, then think through what common elements there are and list them down. Figure out what message will appeal to them. Take note of their common mentality and note words and phrases that make them stop and draw them in.

Dig deeper and decide who are your ideal client. For example, do you work to empower women? Do you want to improve your self-care? Do you work to help women become more comfortable in front of the camera? Maybe you want to focus on leadership coaching.

Layer and blend the information into your coaching website’s design, structure, and layout. Tell a story across your entire site to turn a website visitor into a coaching client. Create content that connects to your audience, which is the main secret of an effective coaching website.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal

Ensure you have an “About Me” page or section on your coaching website to let your potential clients learn more about you. However, be aware of your barriers. Sharing personal images on the “About Me” page and the rest of the site is a good idea.

Why About Me Page is Important?

Remember that your “About Me” page is not about you; it is about how you want people to see you and how you can help people who will help you create a personal connection. When you are writing your “About Me” section, do not focus solely on yourselves. Try to make it more about how you will help your clients.

Share What Makes You Happy

Share what you are comfortable sharing with your clients. Don’t feel forced to reveal something that you are not comfortable with. Some coaches are comfortable sharing personal details, while others are not. There is no right or wrong in this. Don’t share it if it doesn’t feel right.

Share More Pictures

Putting some professional photos on your coaching website is a good idea. If you are uncomfortable sharing too many pictures, you should at least have one on your “About Me” page. Personal images allow your potential clients to build trust with you.

Tell Them How You Can Help Them

State clearly what you offer, how you can help people, and how people can benefit from it. This will help you get your ideal clients and make sure they are qualified for your services.

Know What to Offer Your Clients

You can use different research methods to discover what services to offer. The best way to find your services is to ask your current, potential or past clients what they need. Talking and listening to people’s responses will help you understand how to help your clients. You can conduct a survey asking your audience a combination of questions. Then review their feedback to understand what people expect from you.

Pick Your Niche

A life coach just starting a business may think offering several services will attract more clients. However, it is better to focus on one service and build on it. If you are starting with several services, it can get confusing for you. The shorter the list, the easier it is to decide what you want. Start with a few services and refine your skills in those services.

Be Clear About the Benefits You Offer

People require coaching because they are unsure about what to do. Apart from opinion or a suggestion, they want clarity. The best way to give them the clarity they want is by understanding the features and benefits of your offer in detail. This will help your potential clients make decisions for themselves. You must be clear about what kind of services you offer before you talk with your potential clients, or else you end up talking in circles without going anywhere.

Display Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools for any life coach. The quality and number of your testimonials are important for a life coach to stand out from the rest.

Don’t Be Ashamed to ask for Feedback.

Ask your clients for feedback every time they have a session with you. Many clients will be glad to share their thoughts about working with you. In addition to getting more clients, feedback from your clients will also help you improve your services. When your site visitors see testimonials on your site, it positions you as an authority in your industry.

Increase Visibility on Social Media

Posting videos and photos on social media will allow you to reach your potential clients. With increased visibility on social media, people who might not be able to meet you in person but are considering working with you will get to see who you are and how you can help them.

Call to Action Button

A clear call-to-action button on the coaching website is important for a life coach. This can boost conversion as it tells your audience what to do next if they want to avail themselves of the coaching services. All the web design work should focus on how well it converts the site visitors into customers. The call-to-action button should provide enough information to the visitors without overwhelming them with a long procedure.

Guide the Audience

A coaching website is more than just about having information; it is also about getting your audience to take action. Guide them clearly on what action you want them to take. The call-to-action button can be placed in several places throughout the website, and its purpose will always be the same. Your call-to-action button can be in the form of “learn more,” “get a quote,” or “contact us.”

Boost Your Conversion Rate

A call-to-action button that is prominent and easy to understand will boost your customer conversion rates. They make an effective customer journey when complemented with design and information on your website. A user-friendly website layout makes the customers’ journey with you a lot easier.

Website Content

Create thought leader pieces or cornerstone content showing people your knowledge and expertise in the field. You can establish yourself as an authority with a blog. Write about any topic related to your niche. It will also be helpful for current clients or new prospects who are looking for more information about your expertise or services. They can get information easily and quickly without having to contact you.

Build Relationships

If the people who visit your website find the information useful, it will build their trust in you and strengthen your relationship with potential clients. An informative blog or podcast can turn a cold lead into a warm lead. They will also allow you to build authority on social media platforms where you have posted your content.

Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content is an in-depth piece that requires more research and time to create. They are the go-to articles to get helpful advice or information on frequently asked questions related to the topic. Consider creating this kind of content once every month.

Cover Several Topic Areas

Look at the frequently asked question, pick 3-5 topics based on what people are looking for, and discuss them in depth. This will help you establish your authority, and people will see you as an expert in the field. Figure out what your audience prefers and make the content according to that.

Book A Call/Meeting

Allow your site visitors to book consult calls with you. Prospective clients usually spend quite some time looking at your website and deciding whether to contact you or not. 


Allowing your prospective clients to book an appointment with you lets them see that they can contact you and discuss their needs with you. When they see how easy it is to contact you, it will make them feel more confident and more engaged during the session because booking an appointment motivates both parties to get involved in the conversation.

Different life and business coaches systemize their work in different ways. You can set times and days when you will be available for a consult call. Also, think about which time will be more suitable for your clients.

Address the Price

You can display how much you charge on your website. It is important to address this issue as it is a big question mark for potential customers. If you fail to mention it on your website for some reason, it will create doubts in your potential customer’s minds, becoming a huge hurdle in the purchase.

State Price Clearly

Display the package listing what you offer and its price on your website. It will also help you avoid negotiating over the phone since the prospects will already know the charges. For life and business coaches who are just starting out, offering a “power hour” a rate is a good option. Also, consider putting together a group of calls in your package.

Price Range

Putting pricing ranges allows your potential customers to know what they can afford before they speak with you. It also weeds out those not in your target audience when they will see that you don’t offer services in their budget.

Address Frequently Asked Questions

Clients are often hesitant to purchase with business coaches due to a number of reasons. One of the reasons they don’t make a purchase is that they don’t feel the need for the services you offer at that particular time. You can address that reason by answering their questions on your website. You can think through the questions your ideal clients may have and refine them as they will actually get asked.

You can make a website copy to address all the concerts and reasons why a potential client is undecided about choosing your services. This will help them move along the buyer map. Share the right information to influence decisions and allow them to discover more about what you offer.

Another way to address your customers’ concerns is through “The Process” section. In this section, you tell your audience what it is like to work with you. Outline the basics of your process, which will open the customer’s mind to start working with you.

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