Social Media Marketing

Tech Artisan helps you grow, engage and retain your audiences.

Social Media Marketing

With 3 billion social media users across the globe, social media networks provide a huge audience for your goods and services. We help you launch social media marketing campaigns on each platform after thorough planning and research. We appeal to different audiences through different social media networks to help you reach out to the right person at the right time that suits your business targets.

Our Process

Step 1

Research and Discovery Briefing

We sit down with you and understand your industry, your business goals, nature of client along with other required information to find the suitable SEO strategy. Competitive Analysis: We find your SEO competitors based on the keywords and outline the areas of risk and opportunity. SEO Audit: We take a look at analytics and other various factors to create a baseline for current website SEO performance. Keyword Research: Our team of expert SEO executives determine keywords to target on the basis of outlined business goals and opportunities available. Interactive Overview: We make suggestions for improving site performance and enhancing user experience and navigation.


Step 2

Developing Strategy

On-site and Off-site Strategy: By performing a SEO audit of your website, we check all the on-site and off-site factors. Our SEO team fixes everything that is affecting the performance of your website and optimize the content of the site for SEO. Also, we analyze the competitors for their backlinks and positions to implement a focused off-site SEO strategy. Measurement Planning: We consistently monitor the performance of our SEO efforts with the help of tools like Webmaster, Google Analytics, etc.

Step 3

On-Site SEO Optimization

We will find technical issues and issues in the content of the website to make sure it is perfectly SEO optimized and incorporates the relevant keywords. In case we find some technical SEO issues in the site, we have our development support fix it.


Step 4

Content Marketing

Content Creation: We will create content for SEO that will engage your audience and help reach your target goals by encouraging conversions. Social Media: Content marketing conducted through social media and public interaction will generate more traffic to your website. We will reach out to the vast audience through social media and engage them to create profitable leads to your websites.

Step 5

Analysis and Reporting

Once we have implemented all SEO techniques, we regularly check and then send you the details of your website’s performance such as traffic, keywords positions and conversions. As SEO is not a short term process to achieve substantial results, we need consistent onsite and offsite SEO efforts. We perform quarterly reviews that determine the actual performance.


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