Local Fame: Tips for Getting Featured in News Media

Local News Media Feature Tips

Ready to grab the spotlight in your local news? Dive into our guide to get featured in local news media, and unlock the secrets to making your story media-worthy. Tailor your pitch, add captivating visuals, and offer exclusive interviews to connect with your local audience. With these tips to get featured in local news media, you’ll be on the fast track to securing your place in the market.

What Makes a Story Newsworthy?

What Makes a Story Newsworthy

A newsworthy story captivates and resonates with your local community, touching on issues that matter to a significant portion of the population and providing their solutions. Such stories must meet specific criteria to deserve media attention. Let’s explore what makes a story newsworthy.

1. Relevance


A story must be relevant to the audience it is trying to reach to be considered newsworthy. It ought to touch on themes, trends, or events that are relevant to the community at large.

2. Impact


Newsworthy stories are more likely to have a wide-ranging effect. It’s more likely to make the news if the problem has broad repercussions or impacts a large number of people.

3. Timeliness


Being on time and keeping it relevant is essential. Make sure you address the issues that are affecting audiences’ lives in the community at a particular time of the year. For example, you can address the issue of pests during that time of the year when they are rampant.

4. Proximity


Featuring in the local news brings better results for the local business than national news, thus it’s advantageous to hire a local digital marketing agency unless you are a national organization since it directly affects the community. An article’s attraction to local media increases as it gets closer to home.

5. Human Interest

Human Interest

News outlets frequently publish human interest tales that make viewers feel something. These stories have an emotional impact on readers, which makes them newsworthy by nature. For your story to have an impact on the audience, make sure it resonates with your audience so they can relate to your message.

6. Individuality


Events or circumstances that are singular, exceptional, or outstanding are newsworthy because they stand out. Make sure your ad stands out from the others and catches people’s attention. You can highlight some of your achievements or events at your company.

7. Prominence

News stories are more likely to mention prominent people or groups. The media frequently pays attention to celebrities, prominent figures, and powerful persons. You can invest in influencer marketing to collaborate with a celebrity to make your ad prominent.

8. Currency

Newsworthy stories are more likely to be those that relate to popular culture, trending issues, or ongoing discussions. Your chances of receiving media attention might be increased by maintaining current and relevant stories.

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9. Transparency

Establishing trust with the media and the audience requires providing accurate, reliable facts and being transparent in your story.

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10. Identifying the Right Angle

Identifying the Right Angle

Your story needs to stand out with a distinctive and intriguing slant. The way you describe what your company does is just as important as your company. To get the media’s attention, you must bring unique qualities to your services.

11. Build Relationships with Local Journalists

Building Relationships with Local Journalists

Building strong relationships with local journalists is the key to media coverage success. Engage in social media discussions, attend community events, and provide accurate information. These connections foster trust and make journalists more likely to consider your story for local news. Here’s how you can do it:

a) Engage on Social Media

Engage on Social Media

Follow local journalists on social media platforms and engage with their content. Meaningful comments and shares can put you on their radar.

b) Attend Local Press Events

Participating in local press events is an excellent way to meet journalists face-to-face. These events are often held to foster connections between the media and the local community.

c) Be a Reliable Source

Always be available and responsive when they need information or quotes for their stories. This reliability can lead to ongoing collaborations.

The Art of Making a Perfect Press Release

Your press release is your first point of contact with the media, so it needs to be impeccable. Here’s how to craft a press release that captures attention:

1. Highlighting the Essentials

Crafting an effective press release is all about clarity and conciseness. Start with a catchy title, followed by the most important details in the introduction. Use quotes to add a personal touch, provide a media contact, and include relevant photos or videos. End with a brief company description.

2. Research and Identify the Appropriate Contacts

Investigate and identify the journalists or editors who focus on subjects that are closely related to your story to increase the impact of your press release. Your chances of being covered increase with this focused strategy.

3. Personalization Matters

Personalizing your messages is a powerful way to show your genuine interest and preparation. It builds rapport, respects their time, and increases the likelihood of a response.

4. Localize Your Pitch 

Localizing your pitch is all about making your story relevant to the specific community you’re targeting. This step is vital for grabbing the media’s attention.

5. Highlight Local Connections

Highlighting Local Connections

In your story, make sure to emphasize any local connections or effects. Make a case for why it matters to the locals by demonstrating how it directly affects the community.

6. Provide Visual Content

In today’s multimedia world, visual content is a must especially when it comes to being covered by the local press. By adding visual elements to your story, such as images, videos, infographics, and illustrations, you may make it more interesting and appealing.

7. Captivating Imagery

When providing visual content, ensure that it is not only of high quality but also captures the essence of your story. Images and videos should tell a compelling narrative.

8. Making Your Story Stand Out

Making Your Story Stand Out

To rise above the competition, think about providing reporters with exclusive access, insights, or interviews. This can greatly increase the attraction of the story. Gaining the interest of journalists and the audience requires making your story stand out in the crowded media landscape.

9. Make It Easy for Journalists

Make It Easy for Journalists

Journalists are always on a tight schedule. By making sure your press release is crystal clear, succinct, and simple to comprehend, you can make their job easier.

10. Expert Opinions

It is quite effective to give your narrative depth, authority, and credibility by incorporating the viewpoints of experts. Using expert insights can improve the quality and persuasiveness of your content.

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The Art of the Follow-Up

 Art of the Follow-Up

After sending your initial pitch or press release,  don’t wait passively. A friendly follow-up email or call can keep your story on the media’s radar and ensure it gets the attention it deserves. Timing and tactfulness are key in these follow-ups.

Persistence Pays Off

Persistence Pays Off

Getting media attention demands unwavering dedication, including building relationships, learning from rejection, refining storytelling, and seizing opportunities. Success in the media world comes through persistence, adaptability, and resilience.


To succeed in the dynamic world of local news media, master the art of blending strategy, persistence, and adaptability with these tips. Local flavor, visuals, and exclusive interviews can enhance your story. Be patient, not every pitch leads to instant coverage; adapt to local interests for better odds.

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