WordPress Autoblog Creation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Create Autoblog in WordPress

Auto blogging with WordPress isn’t just a time-saver; it’s a growth driver. It lets you pull content from different sources, keep your site updated, and boost your SEO ranking while helping small to medium businesses maintain a lively blog without a huge time and resource commitment.

How do I set up an autoblog in WordPress? This guide will show you how to do it effectively. Stay ahead of this game-changing trend, and let auto blogging boost your business growth.

How to Create an Auto Blog In WordPress

Before we dive into how to create an auto blog in WordPress, let’s learn first what is an auto blog or auto blogging.

What is Autoblogging?

Autoblogging, or automated blogging, uses plugins or tools to automatically generate content for your blog. For a deeper understanding of the differences between a blog and a website, check out What is a Blog and How is it Different from a Website? It gathers content from various sources, like RSS feeds and social media, and curates and publishes it on your site for efficiency and consistency. This keeps your site updated, your audience engaged, and your visibility on search engines high.


Thanks to technology and changing audience needs, Autoblogging has come a long way. It used to be a content aggregator with plagiarism and quality issues, but modern plugins have improved it. Discover more about these improvements in Internet Marketing and SEO. It focuses on quality, unique content, aesthetics, and SEO, making it a valuable tool in today’s digital content strategy.

Understanding the Functionality of Autoblogging

Let’s explore the mechanisms behind how auto-blogging works and how it facilitates the seamless production of rich, engaging content.

Content Aggregation Technique

Autoblogging tools select content based on criteria like keywords or trends from RSS feeds, social media, and blogs. They process, curate, and prepare the content, even using spinning to make it unique. The content is then published automatically on your WordPress autoblog at scheduled times, matching your blog’s design. These tools also optimize the aggregated content for search engines, Learn more about enhancing your SEO in our guide on SEO Principles and Fundamentals boosting your blog’s ranking and visibility.

Automation of Posts, Feeds, and Social Sharing

Autoblogging tools can schedule posts for automatic updates, manage multiple feeds, and publish content as needed, making your Autoblog diverse and engaging. They also auto-share your posts on social media platforms. To integrate social media more effectively, see How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page to boost your blog’s reach, increase engagement, and improve SEO rankings.

Setting Up an Autoblog in WordPress

Setting up an autoblog in WordPress is a process that can be approached even by those with minimal technical experience, thanks to the plethora of user-friendly tools and plugins. Following simple steps, you can have your autoblog up and running, consistently delivering quality content to your audience.

Choosing the Right Platform

When starting with auto-blogging, selecting the right platform is vital. WordPress is the top choice due to its robustness. For more on this topic, read 16 Benefits of WordPress Websites and Flexibility, offering user-friendly plugins. It’s known for its SEO-friendly features, and its open-source nature allows for extensive customization, making it the go-to platform for a successful autoblog that suits your business needs.

Selecting a Theme

When picking a theme for your WordPress autoblog, you can choose free or premium themes. Free pieces are budget-friendly and good for beginners, while excellent articles offer advanced features, support, and a more professional look. Your choice depends on your budget, needs, and technical skills.

Naming Your Blog

Naming your blog is a crucial step in creating your WordPress autoblog. Choose a name that is unique, easy to remember, and relevant to your content. It should resonate with your target audience and reflect the nature of your business or niche. A well-chosen name can greatly improve your blog’s branding, visibility, and SEO rankings.

Defining Topics and Niches

Selecting your niche is crucial in auto-blogging. It determines the content your WordPress Autoblog will feature. Choose a niche that aligns with your interests and business. It should be popular enough for content and audience interest but unique enough to stand out. Your topics, guided by the niche, should resonate with your target audience, enhancing your blog’s appeal and SEO performance.

Content Strategy

A well-defined content strategy is vital in auto-blogging. To optimize your strategy, consider exploring SEO Analytics Guide. It includes choosing content type and frequency, targeting the right audience, and consistently delivering value. This ensures your WordPress autoblog stays relevant and engaging. Starting an autoblog involves setting up your WordPress site, selecting themes and plugins, sourcing and scheduling content, and monitoring performance. It also requires understanding your audience’s needs and refining your strategy to retain and attract readers.

Recommended Autoblogging Plugins for WordPress

The following are some highly recommended plugins that can elevate your WordPress auto-blogging journey.

WP RSS Aggregator

The WP RSS Aggregator is an essential WordPress plugin that automates content collection from various RSS feeds. This tool allows you to aggregate, curate, and display content from unlimited sources, saving you considerable time and effort. With its simple setup and customizable features, the WP RSS Aggregator is perfect for maintaining a dynamic and diverse autoblog.

RSS Post Importer

RSS Post Importer is another versatile WordPress autoblog plugin. This tool automatically imports and publishes full-text RSS posts directly to your blog from multiple sources. It helps maintain fresh and diverse content on your auto blog, making it a valuable asset in your auto blogging toolkit. With customizable import settings and post formatting options, RSS Post Importer ensures your Autoblog remains attractive and user-friendly.

WP Robot 5

WP Robot 5 is a highly efficient auto blogging plugin for WordPress, capable of sourcing content from multiple websites, including e-commerce sites, social media platforms, and video sites. Its diverse content-pulling capability ensures your Autoblog remains rich and engaging. Moreover, its customizable templates allow you to maintain the uniqueness and style of your blog.

Magic Post Thumbnail

Magic Post Thumbnail is an exceptional WordPress autoblog plugin that automatically generates featured images for your posts. It utilizes advanced web scraping technology to extract relevant ideas from the source website, enhancing the visual appeal of your autoblog. This plugin is vital in maintaining an attractive and engaging blog improving user experience and SEO performance.

Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts is an exceptional WordPress autoblog plugin designed to automatically share your old blog posts on social media platforms. This tool helps keep your content alive and in the minds of your readers, boosting its visibility and driving more traffic to your site. It’s an essential part of your auto-blogging strategy, ensuring that your content continues to engage and attract readers long after its initial publication.

Autoblogging Tools Beyond WordPress

Let’s explore some of these auto-blogging tools beyond WordPress.


IFTTT, an acronym for “If This Then That,” is a versatile tool that can automate many tasks, making it highly useful for auto blogging. It functions on a simple logic of triggers and responses. This tool can connect to various online platforms and set up rules or ‘applets’ that execute certain actions when specific conditions are met. For instance, you could configure it to automatically post your blog content on your social media accounts whenever a new post is published.


Buffer is a useful social media management tool for auto bloggers. It automatically shares your new blog posts across different platforms, ensuring a consistent social media presence and broader content reach. You can also schedule posts, track analytics, and manage all your accounts from one dashboard, making Buffer a valuable part of a successful auto-blogging strategy.


Bundlepost is a social media management tool made for auto blogging. It simplifies scheduling, curating, and posting content on social platforms, boosting your auto-posting efficiency. With content curation, hashtag integration, and post-scheduling, Bundlepost automates sharing your WordPress autoblog posts, broadening your reach and enhancing your online presence. It’s valuable for maintaining engagement and audience consistency in your auto-blogging toolkit.

Benefits of Auto Blogging

The merits of auto blogging are manifold, offering a unique blend of efficiency and effectiveness that bolsters your digital strategy. Let’s delve into the numerous benefits that auto blogging can bring to your business.


One of the most significant advantages of auto blogging is the time-saving aspect. By automating the content generation and curation process, you reduce the manual effort involved in scouting, writing, and publishing blog posts. This lets you focus more on strategic tasks requiring expert attention, boosting productivity.

Diversifying Content

Auto blogging provides an avenue for content diversification. To enhance your marketing through digital content, read about Digital Marketing Trends. It collates information from various sources, offering multiple topics and perspectives. This variety keeps your audience engaged and enhances your blog’s SEO value.

Enhancing Blog Promotion Strategy

Autoblogging greatly enhances your blog promotion strategy. Regularly updating your blog with diverse, fresh content increases the chances of your blog being discovered and ranked higher by search engines. Additionally, by pulling content from multiple sources, you can cover trending topics and popular keywords, further increasing your blog’s visibility and appeal.

Do’s and Don’ts of Autoblogging

Navigating the dynamic world of auto blogging can take time and effort, particularly for beginners. Below, we offer critical insights into the do’s and don’ts of auto blogging in WordPress to ensure a smooth, effective, and beneficial journey.

Being Authentic and Optimizing Content

In auto blogging, authenticity matters. To avoid SEO penalties for duplicate content, refer to our guide on Unnatural Links. Add your insights to make the content unique and engaging, setting your Autoblog apart. Optimization is crucial; make your WordPress autoblog SEO-friendly with keywords, meta descriptions, tags, and quality backlinks to increase visibility in search results. This attracts more traffic and the potential for loyal readers or customers.

Diversifying Sources

In auto blogging, diversify your sources for a more engaging WordPress autoblog. Relying on a single source can make your content less varied. Multiple references bring different perspectives and ideas, helping you cater to a wider audience and keep your content interesting and relevant. Using a mix of news sites, blogs, and social media platforms enhances your auto blog’s appeal and effectiveness.

Avoiding Duplicate Content and Inconsistency

Avoiding duplicate content is a cardinal rule in auto blogging. Search engines penalize websites with the same content, which can harm an auto blog’s SEO ranking. To avoid such penalties, ensure the content on your WordPress Autoblog is unique or properly credited. Inconsistency can also be detrimental to your autoblog. A regular posting schedule retains your audience’s interest and boosts SEO performance. Sporadic posting can lead to a loss of readership and lower engagement.


Auto blogging is a creative way to boost business growth. Using tools like IFTTT, Buffer, and Bundlepost, you can streamline your blogging, improve your online presence, and engage a larger audience, driving more traffic to your WordPress auto blog.

Find that balance between automation and personal touch for an engaging and unique blog that stands out in your industry. A content-rich auto blog is key to your digital success. For more insights into creating effective web content, see Website Navigation Best Practices. So don’t hesitate to explore the world of auto blogging and reap its numerous benefits for your small or medium-sized business.

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