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Custom Vs. Template Websites: What’s The Difference

There are two main options for building a new website: custom websites and template websites. A custom website is built from scratch using a unique design and functionality, specifically for a particular client’s or business’s needs. On the other hand, a template-based website is built from pre-designed elements. Both these types of websites have their own set of benefits and disadvantages. The best choice for you depends on your specific needs and goals.

In this article, I will explain the key differences between custom and template websites, and try to explain which one is the best fit for your business.
Custom Website vs. Template Website – Which One is Best for Your Brand?

Key Differences Between Custom Website and Template Website

Here are some key differences between custom and template websites:

  1. Custom Website
  2. Template Websites
  3. Unique design and functionality
  4. Pre-designed and limited customization options
  5. More expensive to develop
  6. Less expensive to develop
  7. It can take longer to develop
  8. Quicker to create
  9. Can be more flexible and scalable
  10. Less flexible and scalable

Which One is a Better Option for Your Business?

It is hard to pinpoint exactly which type of website is best for your company because it depends on the needs and goals that are unique to your business. Custom website design requires more money and is time-consuming to build, but it offers more flexibility and can be tailored specifically to the needs of a company. In contrast, template design is quicker and less expensive to create, but it offers fewer customization options and may not be as scalable as custom-built websites.

Conclusively, the best choice for you depends on your timeline, budget, and requirements that are specific to your business. You might want to consider a combination of both custom and template features to find the best balance for your business needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Custom-Built Website

Advantages of a Custom Site

Unique Design and Functionality

A major advantage of a custom website is that it is tailored specifically for your business needs. It means that the custom website design and its functionality are specially made for the unique needs and goals of the business. A custom design can have a unique look and feel. You can add custom features and functionality which is difficult in templates.

More Flexible and Scalable

Since custom-designed websites are built from scratch, they offer more freedom to add or make changes to the features later. This is because web developers design and develop custom sites with specific business needs in mind. These websites are easy to modify and update as the business grows and evolves.

Disadvantages of a Custom Site

More Expensive

It requires more time and resources to build which makes it more expensive to develop as compared to a template-based design. For a custom website, a web developer has to lay down a long development process involving more planning, programming, and design work which can drive up the cost.

Takes Longer to Develop

Custom websites take longer to build than template websites because of the additional work involved in the designing and development process. This drawback makes building a custom website less ideal for businesses that are looking to get a website up and running quickly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Template Website

Advantages of a Template-Based Website

Less Expensive to Develop

Template-based websites are generally less expensive to build than custom websites because they are based on pre-designed website templates, which require less resources and time to implement.

Quicker to Develop

Website templates take less time to develop than custom websites because they are based on pre-built templates, which need less planning and design work is required. If you want your website up and running quickly, this is the best option for a website built for you.

Disadvantages of a Template Website

Pre-Designed and Limited Functionality

Template websites are built with pre-designed templates and offer limited customization options. This limits businesses to the design and functionality that is available in the templated website. Template designs do not allow adding additional features and making significant changes to the look and feel of the website.

Less Flexible and Scalable

Templates are not as flexible and scalable as custom websites because they are built with pre-designed templates. It limits businesses to the design and build functionality that is available in the template, so web designers cannot change or add other features according to business goals.


In conclusion, which website is best for your business depends on many factors and what your business requires. Template websites might be more suitable for small businesses as they have a limited budget and time to have a running website. However, if you need more advanced features and functionality on your website, then a custom website is the best option for you.